Adjustable Blind Hem Foot G 暗針縫 G 壓腳

Has adjustable guide for machines that are equipped with variable needle positions.

Adjustable Blind Hem Foot G (5mm) 暗針縫G壓腳 (5mm)

Has adjustable guide for machines that are equipped with variable needle positions. For machines with 5mm zig zag width.

Applique Foot F 繡花F壓腳
A clear, hinged foot, perfect for easy maneuvering when sewing applique pieces.

1/4 inch Seam Foot O

Sews a 1/4" seam allowance quickly and accurately. Great for piecing quilts and topstitching

Beading Foot Set 鏈珠壓腳

For easy application of decorative strings of pearls. Set includes two feet to accommodate various sizes.

Binder Foot 包邊壓腳

For sewing purchased bias tapes (narrow), or self-made bias strips in one sewing step.

Blind Hem Foot G 盲縫壓腳G
Place fold of fabric against black guide for an invisible blind hem, even topstitching and fabric tucks.

Button Sewing Foot 鈕扣壓腳

Holds buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes in place while sewing.

Cording Foot H 包繩壓腳

Slots in this foot will hold one to three lengths of cord in place while stitches form over the cords.

當(儘管)縫針在(這些)軟線上形成, 這個腳(中的槽)將把軟線的一到三個長度保留在地方裡。

Custom Crafted Zig-Zag Foot 

Front of foot has been removed for clearer visibility when sewing. Great for applique, monogramming, cutwork and quilting.

Darning Foot P2 (embroidery machines) 自由壓線壓腳P2

Spring-loaded foot for free-motion embroidery, quilting and free form monogramming.

Deep Groove Pintuck Foot (5 Grooves) 深槽 Pintuck 腳(英尺)
( 5 個槽)

Using twin needles, sew evenly spaced pintucks on light to medium weight fabrics. Perfect for corded pintucks using Pintuck Cord Guide.
使用雙生針, 對中型重量織物在光上縫合甚至的空間的 pintucks 。 完美(完全)就使用 Pintuck 軟線指南的軟線的 pintucks 而言。

Embroidery Foot P 刺繡壓腳P
For Professional-Style Embroidery.
Even Feed Foot 均勻送布壓腳
Helps prevent layers of fabric from shifting and slipping. Great for matching plaids.

Even Feed Foot with Quilt Guide (embroidery machines)

Detachable and adjustable quilt guide for quilters.
刺繡機器用均勻送布:車縫較厚或多層的布料時,除了縫紉機上的送布齒在 送布,可搭配均勻送布壓腳上的送布齒,上下一同送布,可使物件平順的車縫,多用於將布料和鋪棉車縫在一起 可拆卸式縫紉定規:用於車縫時對齊用。
Fringe Foot (embroidery machines) 特殊花邊壓腳(英尺) ( 刺繡機器專用 )
Designed for fagoting and sewing thread fringe.

Gathering Foot 縐折壓腳

Used for creating soft gathers quickly.

Hemmer Foot 2mm D 捲邊壓腳(英尺) 2毫米

Used for making rolled hems on lightweight fabrics.

Hemmer Foot 4mm 捲邊壓腳(英尺)4毫米

Has adjustable guide for machines that are equipped with variable needle positions.

Hemmer Foot 6mm 捲邊壓腳(英尺) 6毫米

Used for making rolled edges on light to medium weight fabrics.

Narrow Base Zipper Foot 拉鍊壓腳

Used for sewing in zippers; also great for sewing along the edge of thick cording.
用於縫合拉鍊時使用; 針對用於厚重布料時使用

Overcast Foot M 布邊縫壓腳 M

Industrial type of overlock stitch for professional seam finishing. This stitch can be used to finish off a raw edge or for simultaneously seaming and overcasting.

Overedge Foot C 布邊縫壓腳C(有刷毛)

Use with an overcast stitch to wrap thread around the edge of your fabric to prevent raveling. Fits top loading machines with 5mm zig zag stitch width.

Pintuck Cord Guides Pintuck 包繩導引板

By replacing snap-on bobbin cover with Pintuck Cord Guides, a corded pintuck can be made quickly.

Pintuck Foot (7 groove) 包繩壓腳(七槽)

Using twin needles, sew evenly spaced pintucks on soft, lightweight fabrics.

Piping Foot 包繩壓腳(單繩)

For making and applying corded piping.

Ribbon/Sequin Foot飾帶縫壓腳
A specialty foot for easy application of ribbons up to 7.6 mm wide. Also may be used to attach sequins.
對於緞帶裝飾應用,設計的一個專業壓腳,縫合寬度高達 7.6 毫米。 同樣,可以用來連接亮片 。

Roller Foot滾輪壓腳

Alternative to Ultraglide Foot. For more control, less friction when sewing on imitation leather, vinyl, elastic, velvet.
針對皮革壓腳設計能控制更佳, 在人工皮革上縫合時的減少的摩擦, 可適用彈性布料、乙烯基天鵝絨。

Ruffler, Universal (top loading machines)
完美專業縐折壓腳 (前方加強裝置)

This snap-on Universal Ruffler fits all top loading machines we carry. Perfect for sewing tucked pleats.

Satin Stitch Foot F 緞縫壓腳(英尺)

For dense zig-zag stitching. Bottom of foot is beveled for smooth delivery of thread when sewing decorative or satin stitches.

Sliding Buttonhole Foot R自動釦洞壓腳(英尺) R

Perfect buttonhole will be sewn automatically to match button. Also used for "Quick Darn" on Memory Craft Machines.

Straight Stitch Foot H 平直縫針腳(英尺)

Designed with single hole to allow you to sew a straight stitch on lightweight fabric without skipping stitches.

Tricot Foot 編織布料用壓腳
Designed for even feeding of very lightweight and silken fabrics such as tricot.

Ultraglide Foot 皮革壓腳

Ultraglide coating permits easy sewing of fabrics that might otherwise stick to metal foot -- Ultrasuede, vinyl, man-made leather.

Zig-Zag Foot A 萬用壓腳

Also called the all-purpose foot. Used for most utility sewing from straight stitch to zig-zag stitching.

Zig-Zag Foot A "8000" 萬用壓腳(刺繡機種專用)

Also called the all-purpose foot. Used for most utility sewing from straight stitch to zig-zag stitching.

Zipper Foot E 拉鏈壓腳 E

For use when sewing in zippers.